Q: What are the pool hours?
A: Monday- Friday 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM.  Saturday & Sunday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM. Check the calendar for any changes to these hours or for special events.

Q: How can I become a member?
A: Join the waitlist on our website.

Q: Can a nonmember use the pool anytime?
A: No they must be present with a member

Q: Can a member bring in a guest?
A: Yes, Members 12 years of age and older may sign in a guest.  Guest Prices: Guests over the age of 3 are $15.00.  Guests Under age 3 are free.  Willowood Swim Club Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests and MUST remain at the facility with their guests at all times.

Q: Can my guest come in the pool and use a member’s guest pass without the member present?
A: No.  The guest passes are to be used only by the member not the guest.

Q: If my child is on the swim team do they need to be a member of the pool?
A: Yes

Q: What age is able to swim in the baby pool?
A: 5 & under is allowed to swim in baby pool as long as there is an Adult (12 & over) watching them poolside. 

Q: At what age can you come to the pool without adult supervision?
A: 12 years old

Q: If a child is 11 & under, who can watch them at the pool?
A:  Someone that is 15 years old and older

Q: Do you offer swimming lessons to Non-members?
A: Yes. Call the Willowood Swim Club during pool hours 367-1085 or check on the website for more information. 

Q: Can I bring in an outside Swim Coach to work on my child strokes/ or offer swim lessons?
A: Yes, but the member must first get permission from the Pool Manager

Q:  Can we have water wings or other flotation devices in upper pool?
A: Yes.  While it is recommended for the safety of young swimmers that water wings and any other flotation devices are to be used only in the lower and baby pools, they are permitted in the upper pool.  

Q: Can we use toys in all the pools?
A: No, only in Baby and Lower pool.  If we close lower pool than you may use toys in the upper pool. 

Q:  How can I leave my chair/toys at the pool?
A: We have chair rental spaces for $30.00 per slot.  You can put any pool items in the slot that fits.  We are not responsible for any items if they are stolen.  At the end of the season we have the right to toss anything left in the slots.  So please remove all items before the pool closes.

Q: How can a member rent the pavilion?
A: To reserve the pavilion, go to Membership/Manage Account tab, go to the Reservation/Make Reservation tab, and make sure you select the date you are looking for.  It will show you all available time slots.  After you reserve the pavilion, go to Make a Payment within your account and select the Pavilion Rental fee to complete your transaction. Only paid accounts can reserve a pavilion. Fee: $50.00 *The fee includes the use of the grill.  Each Non-Member is $5.00.  Maximum of 50 people