The following rules and regulations have been established for the protection and benefit of all members.

  1. The Willowood Swim Club Inc., is not responsible for any accidents, injury, theft, loss or damage to personal property on the premises of the club. The pool facility is used at your own risk.
  2. The cost of any property damage caused by a member shall be charged to the member.
  3. Any damage to the pool property will be charged to the offender or their parents. If a guest damages pool property, the member signing the guest in will be accountable for the damages.
  4. Profane or abusive language is prohibited.
  5. Inappropriate displays of public affection are not permitted.
  6. All trash is to be placed in the proper containers provided by the club.
  7. No food, gum or candy is allowed in the pools.
  8. Smoke Free Facility – Willowood is now a smoke free facility.  Smoking is not permitted anywhere on Willowood property.  Smoke free includes the use of electronic smoking devices, along with traditional tobacco products.
  9. Water toys are permitted in the pools, at the discretion of the Manager.
  10. At no time are vertical rigid diving sticks permitted in any pool.
  11. Cooking devices are permitted within the confines of designated areas approved by the Manager.
  12. The pool Manager has the discretion to limit recreational activities that may affect the safety of others.
  13. One or two lap lanes shall be provided for lap swimming.  Access to those lanes shall be at the discretion of the Manager based on pool population at any given time.  There is no age limit for the use of the lap lanes.
  14. These rules and regulations may be revised at anytime by the Manager or Board of Directors.